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Pharmaceutical products from Berlin

effect pharma: Quality at a fair price

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, a balanced relationship between price and performance is particularly important. Health insurance providers want to offer their members the best possible range of medicinal products – under the best possible terms.

Medicinal products from Berlin producer effect pharma fulfil this requirement: With fresh ideas, profound expertise and innovative methods, we achieve high-quality pharmaceutical products at reasonable prices. Thanks to our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical field plus technical expertise and excellent knowledge of the German market, we are capable of creating sustainable synergies and ensuring greater efficiency – to the benefit of health insurance providers and patients.

effect pharma – medicines "Made in Germany"

effect pharma's product range consists of high-quality preparations for a range of therapeutic fields. Everything begins with the meticulous and skilled selection of the pharmaceutical ingredients and ends with production at our premises in the south-east of Berlin. Each step of the production process is subject to strict controls – quality assurance in accordance with the German Pharmaceuticals Act [AMG] is second nature for us. The quality of our
preparations is constantly verified by our own expert professionals who approve only perfect products for sale.

Absolute transparency

Our logistics partner also meets our high standards. They are officially GMP, GSP and GDP certified for all logistics processes including inbound logistics. Along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain we adhere strictly to EU regulations and document all processes to create complete transparency. This means that health insurance providers and their patients in Germany receive quality pharmaceutical products produced and supplied under completely controlled conditions.