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From co-distribution to own approval: Berlin-based pharmaceutical company effect pharma can as of now offer zoledronic acid itself as an infusion solution concentrate. The duplicate "Zoledon 4 mg/5 ml effect pharma" N1 with the new pharmaceutical registration number 158 783 52 is identical with the product from PhaRes, for which effect pharma previously had co-distribution rights.

Download: Presse release (PDF, german)

"The young Berlin-based company effect pharma focuses on niche products in which established pharmaceutical companies are no longer interested but for which there is still demand in the market. The lean company has only four permanent employees, works systematically with external partners and has created a lucrative economic foothold for itself through discount agreements with numerous health insurance companies."

"There are a lot of stories about how pharmaceutical companies were founded, but only effect pharma from Berlin can claim to have actually come into being inside Hamburg's Elbe Tunnel. Just one and a half years after it was founded at the end of 2016, the start-up has already concluded numerous discount agreements."

With four discount agreements, start-up company effect pharma is positioning itself for the coming year, with three contracts for zoledronic acid and a discount agreement for azathioprine commencing in January 2018. Already at the beginning of this year, effect pharma became a discount partner of AOK, DAK, GWQ, IKK Classic, KBS, Spektrum K and TK with imatinib.

Download: Press release (PDF, german)